A Custom 1937 Ford Pickup Truck Is A Lifetime Deal

1937 Ford Pickup

Many car lovers spend their entire life looking for the perfect deal and the right car for their collection. Buying, selling, always starting a project and trying to finish them all. This is what a car enthusiast does.

Tom Ciancitto is no different and in 1969 he traded a 1959 Austin-Healey 3000 roadster priced at $300 at that time for a 1937 Ford Pickup truck that was later customized. Guess what car is Tom still driving? Yup, the same pickup truck that’s still good to go after 50,000 miles and after being built back from the ground up. Let’s see how the perfect car looks like from his perspective.

Back in the ’90s Tom took the advice coming from a few buddies to start from scratch with his pickup truck, replacing the suspension and the stock frame with a NASCAR Featherlite Series chassis. Seeing that this truck model can take modern customization, the man was wide opened to new suggestions and he begun modifying the body of his car, including the engine.

Eager to prove his truck’s power we found Tom hanging out with his vape pen at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and competing for the open road racing, drag racing, road racing, land speed racing, and oval-track racing. When we asked about health safety when inhaling from a vaporizer pen, Tom said he’s been good for no less than 10 years and when it comes to his car he easily managed to reach 170 mph on a public highway in Nevada (legally) so technically speaking this is not bad at all coming after a lifetime of competing (and puffing dry herbs).

Not to mention the 1999 rework Tom’s 1937 Ford Pickup truck successfully suffered. To be fair the Ford has an Winston Cup-spec V-8 as we speak and the goal is to reach 200 mph really soon even if it takes more than horse power to achieve speed with this ’30’s design. Yet, Tom’s car was chopped on top, the front and on the rear fenders area. Even if the vehicle caused some headaches at points Tom clearly claims he made a deal of a lifetime when he purchased his Ford truck.

You get to see the truck below and find out for yourself if it’s really as impressive as it sounds. Let us know if you think so as we are eager to find out your opinions about this unique project.


Strange Things You Find In Trade Ins

Old Truck

One of the funny perks of buying and selling trucks is seeing some of the strange things that show up in the trade-ins. Whether people forget to clean them out, missed lost items when cleaning them out, or if they’re just too lazy and know they’re including some strange items with the trade-in. Whatever the case, over the years I’ve found interesting items, to say the least.


I remember one guy who traded in an old Chevy truck a few years ago. He was a normal enough looking man, but when we started detailing his truck, we noticed a box stashed under his seat, and in the box was full of women’s underwear. And I mean full. Like this guy was collecting it. I spoke to him a few weeks later and I was so tempted to ask him about the box but I didn’t have the nerve. I’m not sure if he forgot he had it in there or what, but I wonder if he ever remembered it.

Skin Lightening Cream

One truck that was traded in had the glove box stocked full of skin whitening cream. The strange thing was, the gentleman that traded in the truck was Caucasian. I have no idea why he had such a serious stash of this whitening cream. Curiosity led me to look up this product, called Meladerm, and it’s used to lighten the tone of the skin by reducing melanin, and it is not cheap. According to my math, this guy had about $500 worth of this whitening cream. And he was white.


Five or so years ago a man traded in a truck in which I found a strange old book. The book looked expensive so I took it to an appraiser and while it wasn’t particularly valuable in a monetary sense, it did turn out to be an extremely interesting book. The book appraiser told me it was a grimoire, which is the name of an old magical text. He explained to me that the book is actually used to teach people how to summon demons using rituals. I did more research and there’s actually a large group of people who not only believe in this but actually practice it. Needless to say I am not one of the practitioners, but I do still keep the book on my bookshelf to this day.

Buying/Selling Military Trucks

Army Truck

Some of the most impressive trucks we’ve seen come through our hands are de-commissioned military vehicles. At Trucks ‘N Truck we’re huge fan of military trucks and any time we see one come through our doors, our eyes light up. It’s quite rare that these vehicles find their way to us but it’s always a treat when they do.

What’s almost as interesting as the trucks themselves is the people who bring them in. It takes a certain kind of person to own an ex-military vehicle it seems. You generally have one of a few types of people. The first being your “don’t tread on me” Republican types who probably do drive around the with vehicle stocked with artillery. Then you have your younger adrenaline filled gym enthusiasts who run around with Nitrocut shakes, or some other pre-workout supplement on the go at all times. Then you have the granola, hippie types who you wouldn’t think would want to drive a military vehicle. Not that I’m one to judge.

We’ve been lucky enough have a few Humvees come through, which is the classic military machine. I’ve always wanted to own a consumer version of the vehicle, but after seeing military ones it’s hard to go back to wanting the street version. So much bad ass in one machine.

It seems like military trucks are becoming more and more of a rare thing on the consumer market, at least in my experience, so whenever one does manage to come through the door, it’s always a bit of an occasion for those of us who greatly admire these impressive vehicles.

Brokering Deals For Exotic Trucks

Pickup Truck

Occasionally I will venture in to acquiring exotic trucks for certain clients. It’s not often that these situations arise but due to my extensive experience and network in the world of buying/selling trucks, I occasionally am approached by certain “high-end” clients for this task. While it is a lot of work, research and reaching out, it can be a very rewarding experience for myself and the client.

Recently I was contacted by a one of the executive members of a meal replacement shake company, IdealShape, who make high protein weight loss shakes. Which, by the way I starting drinking after out encounter, and they’re actually pretty decent, but I digress. He commissioned me to find him and broker a rare Shelby prototype pickup truck, which is no easy task, and one that I knew would require me to exhaust all of my resources.

It took about a month of chasing down a few leads and meeting a few dead ends, but I finally got a lead on someone who was in possession of one of these rare beauties and would be possibly interested in parting with for the right price. At this point, it comes down to an exercise in negotiation to find a price that is within my client’s budget. After a relatively long but cordial negotiation process, I was able to bring the price to within the acceptable threshold and a deal was made.

Making these sorts of deals require an extensive amount of time and effort but when they go off without a hitch, as this one did, it’s a great satisfaction and achievement for myself and the client.